For those that can't make it to the shows here are some results.  If you have attended a show in Wales or have taken your herefords over the border with success then let everyone know by sending in your results.


Finn Riordan-Jones takes first in his young handler class then goes on to take overall Young Handler champion.  Well done Finn.

This years RWAS winter fair saw eight Herefords forward for judging. 1st and 2nd in the heifer class was newcomer to the cattle show ring was Alun Richards and in third was Glen Pritchard. In the steer class 1st and 2nd went to Will Griffiths and third to Harvey bros, with the overall going to the Griffiths.


The champion heifer made 3.70ppk and the champion steer making 2.19ppk. Other prices were below previous years but this trend continued throughout all breeds. The secretary of Powys Hereford breeders club Glenn Pritchard would like to thank all exhibitors for supporting the pure Hereford classes and ensure they will continue for the future.

Winter Fair 2017


This years winter fair saw nine Herefords forward for judging in the female section. The winner was Goodwin and Powel from Hereford and reserve was Tom Prichard from Hirwaun. In the male section the winner was Mr Griffiths from Ferryside and the reserve going to Aled Jones new town. Overall winner went to the female.

All animals were sold and many commented on the very high standards of the Herefords on show.

Powys secretary Glen Prichard would like to thank all those who supported the Hereford classes and would hope to see them all again next year.  

St Clears show     Judge Mr Meurig Thomas


Best Bull   Anthony John    -  Lax Tornado


Best Junior Bull

1st Thornes Glenvale 1 Allbutt

2nd Hean Castle Estate  Hean 1 Noble

3rd Mosely St Clears


Bull Calf

1st Anthony John  Lax Usain


Best cow in milk or calf

1st A John Lax Regina 22nd

2nd Thornes Glenvale 1 Sara 543


Best Maiden Heifer

1st Hean Castle Estate Hean 1 Diadem

2nd Robert Morgan Sancler Pancy

3rd Phillips Brynteg  Brynteg Nancy

4th Phillips Brynteg Brynteg Nutmeg



Best Pair

1st Hean Castle

2nd Lax

3rd Phillips family


Male Champion

Lax Tornado


Reserve Male

Glenvale 1 Allbutt


Champion Female

Lax Regina 22nd



Hean Castle Estate


Overall Grand Champion

Lax Tornado


Aberystwyth   Judge Flora Amery


Best Bull and overall champion  Lax Tornado


Cothi Bridge


Bull any Age

1st A John Lax Tornado

2nd A John Lax Usain


Best Cow with calf/Milk


1st Phillips Brynteg  Sancler Model

2nd A John Lax Regina 22nd


Best Heifer in calf or Milk

1st A John Lax Regina 36th


Maiden Heifer

1st  R Morgan Sancler Pansy

2nd Phillips Brynteg Nutmeg

3rd Phillips Brynteg Nancy


Best Pair

1st Lax

2nd Brynteg


Campion Lax Tornado   A John

Reserve Sancler Model  Phillips













Welsh Herd of the year 2016

1st Dendor   The Jones family

2nd Laxfield   Charles Smith

3rd Salbri      Mannon Lewis

Thank you everyone who took part, a very good entry this year and our special thanks must go to Gaynor Morgan for judging the competition. Good luck to Dendor as they go forward to the national Herd of the Year.

St Clears

Best bull born before Dec2015  1st Caron Lucky Lad  Anthony John
Bull born between Jan1st and Aug31st  2015 1st Glenrose 1 Storm Mr and Mrs Goodall, 2nd Sancler 1 Marvel Rob Morgan, Lax Fawr 1 Scholar Anthony John.
Best bull calf  Lax Tornado  Anthony John.

Best cow or Heifer with calf at foot  1st Glenvale 1 Molly   George, Ionwy and Non Thorn   2nd Lax Regina15  Anthony John

Maiden Heifer  1st Lax Regina 34th  Anthony John.

Pairs 1st Lax   2nd  Sancler

Male Champion  Glenrose 1 Storm  Reserve Caron Lucky Lad
Female Champion  Glenvale 1 Molly 474   Reserve Lax Regina 34th

Supreme Champion Glenvale 1 Molly 474

Cothi Bridge Judge Mr Goodall

Bull any age 1st Caron Lucky Lad Anthony John 2nd Sancler Marvel  Rob Morgan  3rd Lax Tornado Anthony John

Best Cow Lax Regina 15th Anthony John
Heifer in calf  Lax Dowager 42nd Anthony John

Maiden heifer  1st Sancler Diadem Rob Morgan 2nd Lax Regina 34th Anthony John 3rd Mr Bowden Merthyr

Pairs 1st Lax 2nd Rob Morgan  3rd Lax

Champion Anthony John Caron Lucky Lad
Reserve champion Anthony John Lax Dowager 42nd

Aberystwyth  Judge Glen Pritchard

Bull over 18mths 1st Caron Lucky Lad
Bull under 18mths 1st Lax Tornado 2nd Lax Tyson Anthony John
Best Cow Lax Regina 15th
Maiden heifer 1st Lax Regina 34th 2nd Lax Regina 36th Anthony John
Pairs 1st Lax 2nd Lax Anthony John

Female champion Lax Regina 15th Reserve Lax Regina 34th Anthony John

Male Champion Lax Tornado  Reserve Lax Caron Lucky Lad Anthony John

Supreme Champion Lax Tornado Reserve Lax Regina 15th